Notice of Settlement Default in New York Collection Lawsuit

Notice of Settlement Default. These important legal notices inform a debtor they have failed to make a settlement payment by the required due date.  A sample notice follows below.

Please be advised that we have not received your payment that was due this month.  Payment of the monthly amount must be received by our office no later than ten (10) days from receipt of this notice.

Failure to Cure a Notice of Settlement Default

In the event of your failure to cure this notice of settlement default, we may take further legal action against you.

Notice of Settlement Default Lawyers. Is your debt payment past due?

If you have any questions regarding this notice of settlement default, or if you would like to set up a payment arrangement, please contact our account manager and refer to your individual file number.

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Take prompt action to prevent a creditor from imposing harsh penalties against you.  Such penalties may include an increase in the debt amount, as well as execution of judgment enforcement measures against your assets.

Our New York settlement default lawyers file court documents asking the judge to restore your settlement based upon good cause shown. 

Such good cause may include:

  • A misunderstanding of settlement terms or requirements
  • An error in the creditor’s bookkeeping department
  • A banking error in timely tendering of a required payment
  • A mailing, delivery or online payment error, including inaccessible webpage
  • And many more legitimate explanations for a technical or minor infraction of a debt settlement agreement

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