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Hurt by security guard or NYPD police officer?

Hurt by Security Guard or Police Officer?

Police Brutality and False Arrest often result from overly aggressive law enforcement tactics.  

If you have been hurt by a security guard or police officer without justification, take prompt action to assert your rights.

The City of New York can be held legally responsible for improper conduct by the New York Police Department (NYPD).  

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A Notice of Claim form must be filed with New York City within 90 days after the police brutality incident occurred.

A detailed review of your experience with a police offer can also be filed with New York City’s Civillian Complaint Review Board.

If a private security guard has detained you without cause, a violation of your rights has occurred.  

A lawsuit can be filed against the company that employs the security guard as well as the merchant or venue the guard was working to protect.

Several prominent cases involving abusive security guards have covered New York headlines.

This recent history has gathered public support to put an end to overly violent law enforcement actions.

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