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New York Hernia Mesh Lawyers.  An abdominal hernia occurs when the intestines protrude through the abdominal wall.  The condition is frequently treated with a surgically implanted Hernia mesh patch.

These surgical mesh patches are manufactured by several different medical device companies, and include a variety of product lines and styles.

If the mesh deteriorates or moves inside the human body, it can cause serious medical complications, including infection, organ damage and return of the hernia, often requiring corrective surgery.

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Thousands of legal claims made by injured patients allege the medical device companies were negligent in the design and manufacturing of the surgical mesh products.  If you received a hernia mesh implant and are suffering negative side effects, contact our personal injury lawyers for free evaluation of a possible claim for compensation.

Our New York hernia mesh lawyers represent victims of defective surgical mesh across New York City, Hudson Valley & Upstate New York.  In addition, our nationwide team of medical device attorneys represent hernia repair victims across the United States.

Legal fees are only charged in the event of a recovery for the client.

Hernia Mesh Injury?

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Complications after surgery?

● Infection

● Organ Damage

● Corrective Surgery

New York Hernia Mesh Lawyers

Types of Hernia:

● Epigastric Hernia

● Femoral Hernia

● Hiatal Hernia

● Incisional Hernia

● Inguinal Hernia

● Umbilical Hernia

Additional Information:

● Medical Malpractice

● Organ Injury

● Bone Injury

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