Scary Disease Caused by Rat Droppings

New York Rat Bite Lawyers. New York City is infested with thousands of wild rats.  The vermin occupy Subway tunnels and stations, residential apartment complexes, and commercial buildings.

When a person is bit by a rat, the body can become infected with a variety of diseases requiring medical attention.

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Rodent Disease

On February 14, 2017, a Bronx Concourse resident died from a bacterial disease contracted from a rat. The illness, called Leptosprosis, induces acute renal kidney failure and hepatic liver failure.  The disease can be contracted by interacting with rat urine, which can contaminate food and drinking water.  People with an open wound are more susceptible to bacteria entering their body.

Two other individuals from the Concourse neighborhood of the Bronx were diagnosed with Leptosprosis after complaining of a fever, loss of appetite, insomnia and pain. Additional symptoms also include headaches, vomiting and muscle pain.

One victim was admitted to Lincoln Hospital where he was treated for two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit.

An average of 2 to 3 cases of human infection with Leptosprosis is reported in New York City each year. While the disease is more commonly found in animals, there are approximately 100 to 200 infections nationally each year, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

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New York Rat Bite Lawyers

New York Rat Bite Lawyers

If you have been bit by a rat, obtain prompt medical diagnosis. Next, contact an experienced rat bite lawyer about filing a claim for compensation against the property owner or manager.

If your rat bite or infection injury was sustained on property owned or operated by the City or State of New York, a Notice of Claim must be filed within 90 days of the incident.

Our New York rat bit lawyers represent victims of vermin attacks in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and beyond. We provide a free consultation and legal review of medical records.

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