Building Accident Lawsuits

Building Accident Lawsuits in New York.  When an accident occurs inside a building, or while a building is under construction, a claim for compensation can be filed against the property owner.  In addition, a construction contractor or building maintenance company may also share responsibility and liability for upkeep of the premises.

Building Accident Lawsuits Attorney in New York

NYC Building Accident Lawsuits

New York City is made of one building after another for hundreds of square miles. 

Therefore, proper construction and maintenance of buildings is vital to the safety of city residents.

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Structural collapse accidents have injured numerous New Yorkers over the last decade.

In addition, New York property owners take on substantial responsibility for maintaining the sidewalks and courtyards alongside the property as well.

Hurt in a building accident?

Plaintiff’s Press is our New York accident and injury blog. 

In this segment, we feature commercial and residential property accidents of interest.

Some of the cases featured in our blog were handled by our law firm. 

However other cases are covered because of unique fact patters or novel legal issues.

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If you have been hurt at or in front of a New York City property, call our personal injury lawyers for a free consultation today.

Our attorneys are available to review your medical records and present your rights and options for pursing monetary compensation.

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