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Sued by a debt collector?

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We can help you take the important first step of sending a formal response to your legal notice.  This will trigger your rights to stop debt collector harassment.  Additionally, a dispute requires a collection agency to send proof of your debt.

Your paperwork may also be filed with the court clerk’s office, to prevent a default judgment from being entered against you.

Court debt collection must be taken seriously, or you could be surprised by entry of a money judgment, followed by a wage garnishment or frozen bank account.

Our expert NY, Queens & Brooklyn debt lawyer is knowledgeable about all of the major defenses to credit card debt collection lawsuits.  These defenses include the debt collection statute of limitations and un-fair debt collection activity.

How can we resolve your case?

With original creditor banks, we are often able to negotiate favorable credit card debt settlement agreements.  If a lawsuit is filed in court, the best settlements and monthly payment plans can usually be obtained by fighting the lawsuit to obtain leverage in settlement negotiations.

With debt buyer companies, we can often obtain low settlement amounts, and if you are being sued by debt collector lawyers in court we may be able to get the collection case dismissed.  Further, if we do defeat a debt buyer lawsuit, the collection agency may have to pay some or all of the legal fees on your behalf.

Need a New York, Queens or Brooklyn Debt Lawyer?

Our NYC Queens & Brooklyn debt lawyer regularly defends consumers sued by these major debt collection law firms, and many more: Forster & Garbus LLP, Selip & Stylianou LLP formerly Cohen & Slamowitz LLP, Rubin & Rothman LLC, Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney & Flynn LLP, Daniels Norelli Scully & Cecere PC.

NYC, Brooklyn, Queens debt lawyer

Wage Garnishment & Frozen Bank Account Help

If your wages are being garnished, let our debt relief lawyers go to court to oppose legal debt collection and obtain a judge’s order to Stop Wage Garnishment fast.

If your bank account is frozen, let us obtain an order to Release Frozen Bank Account and serve it on the judgment collection agency before the marshal takes your money.

Our NYC Queens debt lawyer regularly defends consumers being collected from by these major debt collection companies, and many more: Midland Funding LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, Asset Acceptance LLC, CACH LLC, and LVNV Funding LLC.

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Stop Debt Collector Harassment

If a collection agency violated your rights, New York City and Federal law entitle you to a statutory penalty from the debt collector up to $1,000, plus the collector will have to pay your debt lawyer fees, so you are billed nothing for our legal services or expenses.

Our NYC Brooklyn debt lawyer regularly represents consumers with harassment claims against collection agencies represented by Eltman Eltman & Cooper, Mel S Harris & Associates LLC, Stephen Einstein & Associates PC, Pressler & Pressler LLP, Peter T. Roach & Associates PC, and Relin, Goldstein, Crane LLP.

Brooklyn Bronx Queens Debt Lawyer

If you were sued for debt or are considering settling credit card debt with collection agency representatives, don’t delay, because that may hurt your case.

Our New York debt defense firm is centrally located in Midtown Manhattan.

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