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New York Tourist Accident Lawyers

New York Tourist Accident Lawyers

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Our New York tourist accident lawyers represent visitors who sustain injuries while visiting Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. We are able to coordinate personal injury representation with clients living across the country and around the world.

Hotel Injury Lawyers

Hotel Accidents

New York tourist accident lawyers from our Midtown Manhattan office can promptly investigate injuries sustained in an NYC hotel.

Visitors from out of town may find themselves caught off guard by New York hotel amenities. Large rolling luggage racks can knock into unsuspecting hotel guests. Glass elevators and fast moving escalators are responsible for injury to many tourists on the move.

Accidents within hotel rooms often result from overuse or misuse of hotel room features. Lopsided furniture can cause a fall to the floor. A loose shower rod or medicine cabinet can break loose from the wall. Worn out carpeting can catch a foot or luggage wheel, causing falls and broken bones.

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Slip / Trip & Fall

● Bus Accidents

All Automobile Accidents

● Airplane / Airport Accident

● Workplace Injury

Broken Bones

Head Injury

Organ Damage

Wrongful Death

Tour Bus Injury Lawyers

Travel Accidents

Passengers rushing to catch a scheduled travel connection too often end up in an accident.

Hailing a taxi for an inexperienced tourist can be a hazardous experience. Many visitors are unfamiliar with the taxi roof-light occupancy indicator. Frustrated, they step further into oncoming traffic in attempt to hail a cab.

New York’s bridges and tunnels are a bad place to get into an accident. Emergency shoulder lanes are scarce. The shortage of lanes can cause traffic to build up fast, delaying emergency vehicles from accessing the scene.

Our New York tourist accident lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of travel injury claims.

Tourist Site Accident Lawyers

Tourist Site Accidents

Tourists can be seen taking photographs on most any New York City street corner. Often absorbed in capturing a moment on film, these tourists may be inattentive to oncoming hazards, or may create a hazard themselves.

Hurt on the Stairs of the Statute of Liberty, or the elevator of the Empire State Building?

When a tour bus fails to pull all the way up to a curb, exiting passengers are subject to a fall on the bus steps.

Tourist helicopter accidents include hard landings on the Manhattan helipads.

Guided tours through attractions such as High Line Park, Central Park and lower Manhattan’s cobble stone streets subject tourist to a variety of terrain, often causing a fall to the ground.

Have you been injured while visiting New York, Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx?

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