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New York Employment Discrimination Lawyers

New York Employment Discrimination Lawyers

New York Employment Discrimination Lawyers

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Our New York employment discrimination lawyers protect New York workers treated unlawfully by their employer.  Discrimination or harassment can cause anxiety and a hostile work environment, among many other physical, emotional and financial injuries.

But victims of workplace discrimination do not have to remain silent. In this era of heightened enforcement, the rights of targeted individuals have gathered unprecedented respect.  If you have been wrongfully mistreated in the workplace, contact us for a free evaluation of your rights and legal options.

What is Employment Discrimination?

Employment Discrimination occurs when an employer or supervisor treats one employee differently from the rest, because of a discriminatory reason.

The courts have identified several groups, or “classes”, of individuals that qualify for protection under the law.

Protected Classes of Employees


 Ethnicity / National Origin

 Gender & Pregnancy Discrimination

 Sexual Orientation

Talk to our New York Employment Discrimination Lawyers

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace, call our employment discrimination lawyers for a free consultation.

We represent New York employees and union workers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and throughout the New York area.  Our attorneys provide a free and confidential consultation to evaluate an employment discrimination victims legal options to pursue justice for mistreatment.  We work to identify means of ending ongoing wrongful conduct, while preserving a victim’s career and/or maximizing a financial recovery.

Contact our New York employment discrimination lawyers today.