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New York Ladder Fall Lawyers

New York Ladder Fall Lawyers

New York Ladder Fall Lawyers

Fell Off a Ladder at Work?

When a ladder accident occurs in the workplace, workers face a risk of serious bodily injury.  Whether the worker falls off the ladder or is struck by falling debris, the accident victim could sustain sustain broken bones and internal injury.

Because of the significant danger posed by ladders, New York’s Labor Law § 240 imposes liability on employers and construction companies for ladder fall accidents.

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Common Ladder Fall Lawsuit Claims:

Broken Rung of Ladder

Grease, Dirt or Debris on Steps of Ladder

Unstable Ladder

Off Balance Ladder

Dangerous Activity on Ladder

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Additional Information:

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● Workplace Accidents

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● Construction Site Accidents

● Broken Bones

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Are ladder falls a risk for workers in your profession?

● Construction Site Worker

● Painter

● Window Washer

● Maintenance Worker

● Stock Room Worker

● Groundskeeper

● Factory Worker

● Electrician

● Roofer

● Firefighter

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