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New York Heavy Equipment Accident Lawyers

New York Heavy Equipment Accident Lawyers

New York Heavy Equipment Accident Lawyers

Hurt in a Machine or Heavy Equipment Accident?

New York’s Labor Law § 240 imposes liability on construction companies for heavy equipment accidents.  Construction companies can be held responsible for an equipment accident even if they were unaware of the dangerous condition.  This imposes a duty on the companies to regularly inspect equipment and make sure items are maintained in safe working condition.

When a machine is not correctly operated or maintained, construction and maintenance workers face a significant risk of serious bodily injury.

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In addition, hand held tools injury hundreds of workers every year in New York City.  Many tool designs are subject to jam or malfunction under extensive use and pressure.  Dropped or falling tools also pose a hazard to workers not directly involved in use of the device.

If you have been hurt by work equipment or machinery, a claim for financial compensation may be filed on your behalf  Contact our New York heavy equipment accident lawyers for a free consultation about an injury victim’s legal rights and options for pursuing monetary compensation.

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Our construction site injury lawyers represent accident victims in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and throughout the New York City region.  We review the details of construction and workplace accidents to identify any and all companies that may share liability for an injury.  With this information, we are able to file claims for maximum financial compensation and pursue all avenues of legal relief.

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