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New York Product Defect Lawyers

New York Product Defect Lawyers

New York Product Defect Lawyers

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Defective products hide on the shelves of stores throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx & Queens. Even more malfunctioning products are ordered from online shopping websites like Amazon and Ebay.

When a broken product causes a personal injury, contact the product defect lawyers at our personal injury law firm for a free legal consultation.

A popular gift at Christmas & Hanukkah, electric scooter hoverboards have exploded due to a dangerous battery and power design. The powerful lithium-ion batters can become overheated during recharging or use. These dangerous devices can explode or simply burst into flames.

Overseas manufacturing and production is not regulated for safety the way it is in the United States. If your electronic product was manufactured in a foreign country, such as China, extra caution should be taken with use.

Be sure to unplug your device when charging is complete, and do not use lithium-ion battery devices while plugged in.

Defective Products Attorney

Defective Product Recall

Help protect the public from dangerous products.  In addition to pursuing compensation for your injuries, our product defect lawyers can ask the court to stop the sale of dangerous consumer goods.

In many instances, other people have already sustained injuries from the same defective products.  If nothing is done, more people will continue to be injured by these hazardous items in the future.  Our product malfunction attorneys can file class action lawsuits to compensate a whole group of accident victims, and force a retailer or manufacturer to end their dangerous business practices.

Our product defect lawyers are experienced with a variety of dangerous conditions and the law on liability. We aggressively pursue manufacturers and retailers in the following product defect legal claims.

 Design Defect

 Manufacturing Defect

 Failure to Warn

 Breach of Warranty

 Class Actions

If you have been injured by a commercial or consumer product, promptly obtain any needed medical treatment. Then, contact the product defect lawyers at our law firm for a free review of your right to compensation.

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