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Broken Neck Lawyers

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Hurt your neck in an accident?  Seek prompt medical attention to avoid further aggravation of the condition.

The neck contains the spinal cord, which controls the body’s central nervous system.  Serious neck injuries can leave an accident victim paralyzed or with limited audio, verbal and motor functions.

In addition, common neck injuries include a slipped disk or herniated disk.  These injuries can leave an accident victim with limited range of motion in the neck.

Causes of Neck Injuries:

● Automobile Accidents


● Workplace Injury

● Construction Site Injury

Additional Accident Types

● Additional Orthopedic Injuries

Neck injuries often require surgery and frequent physical therapy sessions.  This medical care comes at substantial monetary expense.  In addition, the treatment requires significant time commitments from the accident victim.

Accidents · Injury

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If a third party’s negligence caused your injury, consider filing a claim for monetary compensation in court.

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