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New York Sidewalk Fall Lawyers

New York Sidewalk Fall Lawyers

New York Sidewalk Fall Lawyers

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Fell on a sidewalk in New York City?

When a pedestrian falls on a New York City sidewalk, the accident victim should seek a prompt medical diagnosis of any injury.

In addition, the sidewalk fall victim should try to take a picture of the dangerous condition on the sidewalk.  This important photographic evidence can be used in court to document the hazard.

File a Notice of Claim against NYC within 90 days of accident

The law requires a sidewalk trip & fall accident victim file a Notice of Claim against the City of New York within ninety (90) days of the accident, in order to preserve the claim against NYC.

In addition, claims for financial compensation may also be filed against the owners of commercial buildings.  These real estate owners and property managers are responsible for the safety of the sidewalk in front of their premises.

Uneven Sidewalk Fall Lawyers

Cracked sidewalks make pedestrians vulnerable to serious bodily injury.  While the law does not require New York City to maintain sidewalks in perfect condition, they must be safe for ordinary usage.

Broken or uneven pavement is responsible for thousands of trip and fall accidents throughout New York City.  Overgrown tree roots can cause cement sidewalk panels to shift and crack.  In addition, shoddy construction work can leave sidewalks in a state of disrepair.

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New York Sidewalk Slip & Fall Lawyers

NYC Sidewalk Slip & Fall Lawyers

New York City sidewalk slip and fall accidents commonly result from ice and snow accumulated on a pathway.  In addition, slick debris such as spilled oil or garbage on the sidewalk can subject pedestrians to debilitating slip & fall injuries.

Sidewalk falls should be investigated by a personal injury attorney from the beginning.  By properly determining potential liable parties from the onset, an accident victim’s rights to financial compensation can be fully protected.

In addition to claims against the City of New York, claims for compensation can often be made against adjacent owners of commercial property.

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