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New York Amtrak Accident Lawyers

New York Amtrak Accident Lawyers

New York Amtrak Accident Lawyers

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Amtrak is a passenger train operating throughout the United States.  The Acela train provides express service between New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC.  Amtrak trains arrive and depart Manhattan from 34th Street Penn Station.

Amtrak has suffered a history mechanical failures resulting in physical injury to passengers and crew.

If you have been injured on a train or station platform, be sure to report the incident to the station supervisor.

Obtain any necessary medical attention, and document all injuries and resulting diagnosis.

PENN STATION, MANHATTAN DERAILMENT: March 24, 2017 – A Washington DC bound departing Amtrak train derailed in New York Penn Station this Friday morning.  The train appeared to run over debris on the track while moving at slow speeds.  Authorities are investigating the crash.

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Amtrak Personal Injury Lawsuits

Amtrak receives substantial government funding.  However, it is actually operated as a for-profit corporation that can be sued in court.

Michael L. Hurwitz Esq. and his team of Amtrak accident lawyers file claims for compensation in New York Federal District Court.

Serious train accident lawsuits frequently involve complex discovery of railroad equipment and technology.  We litigate the obligations of a train conductor and maintenance crews to establish Amtrak liability for client injuries.

Call our train accident lawyers for a free evaluation of your personal injury matter.

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