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New York Bus Accident Lawyers

New York Bus Accident Lawyers

New York Bus Accident Lawyers

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Our New Your Bus Accident Lawyers are familiar with all the most common bus accidents, including unsafe lane change, failure to yield, pedestrian struck by turning bus, and falls on the bus stairs or main isle.  We are also familiar with more complex issues, including bus rear-door computer programing, which may restrict the bus driver’s ability to operate the vehicle while the rear door is in use.

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If you have been hurt in a bus accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries from the bus owner or operator.  If the bus was operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Administration, the City or State of New York may be required to make payment to you.

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Broken Bones

Head Injury

Organ Damage

● Workplace Injury

RESOURCES: MTA Bus Accident Settlement & Verdict Report

A personal injury lawsuit involving an oversized motor vehicle such as a bus, passenger shuttle van or trolley requires knowledge of the mechanical and operational features of the vehicle.

Further, bus accident claims have important filing deadlines that must be complied with in order to protect your case.

Fell on Bus Steps?

Steps of Bus Accident Lawyer

If you fell off the steps of an MTA bus, you must move quickly to file a Notice of Claim against the City and State of New York.  This filing makes the MTA aware of your case and allows them to investigate and preserve evidence.  On a rainy day, bus steps are slippery and dangerous, even when the steps are made of corrugated metal (as pictured) or covered in a slip-resistant rubber mat. 

Fell on Stairs of a Double Decker Bus?

Double Decker Bus Accident Lawyer

Double decker bus staircases can be quite dangerous.  These stair cases are often narrow, and the steps are steep.  The staircase bends and winds in turns, and crowds of people push passengers to climb or descend too fast.  If the bus is in motion, the jolt of a sudden movement can quickly cause a passenger to fall down the circular staircase.  This hazard is common on New York City tour buses, where riders attention may be focused on the sites and attractions the bus driver has taken them to.

Clipped by MTA Bus Turning Corner?

Side of bus accident lawyers

When a long bus turns a corner on tight city streets, it can clip unsuspecting pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles.

Turning Accidents

Hit by Rear View Mirror?

Rear View Mirror Accident

Our New York bus accident lawyers have pursued claims for personal injuries sustained by a bus rear view mirror striking a person after exiting the bus.  While standing close to the bus, the side view mirrors present a danger as the bus pulls away from the curb.  A blow to the head can cause a concussion or serious brain injury.  If you have been hit by a bus mirror or other protruding part, call our personal injury lawyers to review your case today.

Mechanical Parts Failure

mechanical failure

Buses are large vehicles with many inter-working mechanical parts.  When a structural or electric component bends, breaks or malfunctions, it can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.  Mechanical part failures have caused serious bus accidents on city streets and the highway.  These accidents may be preventable by proper inspection and maintenance of the vehicle.  But when the bus company fails to do its job protecting the safety of the vehicle, they can be held financially responsible for any personal injuries that result.

School Bus Accident Lawyer

School Bus Accident Lawyers

School buses present a variety of hazards around New York City.  These long yellow buses make frequent stops and lane changes subjecting drivers and pedestrians to being sideswiped or rear-ended.  Drivers are aware to be cautious of children crossing the street and parents picking up kids at bus stops.  School bus passengers usually do not wear a seatbelt, and often exhibit wild behavior on their way home from school or a field trip.  When a driver or student is injured in a school bus accident, serious bodily injuries can be sustained.

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