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New York Drone Accident Lawyers

New York Drone Accident Lawyers

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New York Drone Accident Lawyers. Drones are un-manned aircraft operated by a remote control. Drones were first popularized for military use, but are increasingly being used for civilian purposes throughout the United States.

However, drones are dangerous. A gust of high wind can send a drone veering off course, resulting in a crash.  In addition, drones present a hazard to other aircraft, such as helicopters and airplanes, operating in the same skies.

Drone Safety Regulations

Accordingly, drone safety is now regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Drone regulation in New York includes prohibition on operation of the aircraft within 5 miles of JFK Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

The FAA additionally advises that drones should not be flown more than 400 feet high. Further, the un-manned aerial craft should not be flown near buildings or bridges.

Hurt in a Drone Accident?

When a drone accident causes injury to a person or property, a claim for money damages can be filed in court.

Our New York drone accident lawyers investigate infractions of the law resulting in serious bodily injury or property damage.

We investigate the training and experience of the drone “pilot”, as well as the owner of the craft.

Who Operates Drones?

Most domestic drones are operated by businesses, including:

● Real Estate Developer taking aerial photographs and video of a building or vacant lot

● Farmers using drones to spray pesticides on crops

Recreational use of drones is also on the rise.

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