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Our New York personal injury lawyers represent victims of false arrest and police brutality in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. We have a proven track record of winning large cash settlements for people improperly detained or arrested, and subjected to inhumane treatment.

We have prosecuted claims against major New York institutions in the Hotel and Retail Department Store Industries, including Macy’s Department Store in Herald Square. We have also successfully defended criminal prosecution for the underlying offenses.

New York False Arrest Lawyer

When a security guard corners you and makes false accusations of a shop lift theft or other wrongdoing, it can make a person feel that they are not free to leave until the matter is resolved.  However, a shop keeper can be held civilly liable for holding a person against their will without cause.

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Broken Bones

Head Injury

Organ Damage

Wrongful Death

● Workplace Injury

If you have been mistreated or injured by a security guard or police officer, take prompt action to protect your case.

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