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New York Fall Lawyers

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Hurt in a Slip or Trip and Fall?

Our New York fall lawyers represent injury victims in claims for financial compensation.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a slip or trip and fall, the property owner and other responsible parties may be required to pay substantial compensation for the injury.

Photographs of the dangerous condition should be taken after the accident if possible.  In addition, the fall should be reported to the property manager.

Contact our NYC, Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn fall lawyers for a free case review.

Hurt in a fall on a dangerous condition?  Call our NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens Fall Lawyers

Our New York fall lawyers represent personal injury victims in claims for maximum financial compensation in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and across the New York region.

Contact our NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx fall lawyers today for a free consultation about pursuing an injury claim.  We can document your fall site and notify the property owner of your claim.  The property owner is then expected or required to report the matter to their insurance carrier, which will open a file for your case.

Common Slip / Trip & Fall Accidents Handled by Our NYC, Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn Fall Lawyers

● Sidewalk Injury

● Staircase Injury

 Workplace Injury

 Construction Site Accidents

Tripped on a cracked sidewalk in NY? Call our NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens Fall Lawyers now.

NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx Fall Lawyers

The many hazards around New York City can cause a slip or trip and fall to the ground.  Recurring and novel accidents keep our New York slip & fall lawyers up to date on a large variety of fall causes and injuries.

New York City streets are littered with cracked sidewalks and broken curbs that go poorly maintained for months on end.  It is all too common that a shoe or cart wheel comes into contact with protruding concrete, causing the pedestrian to trip & fall.

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Let our NYC, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn fall lawyers provide a free evaluation of your slip / trip & fall accident.  As appropriate, we send an investigator to document dangerous conditions responsible for a serious bodily injury.

TOP VERDICTS & SETTLEMENTS: $7,250,000 for Man Who Fell Off Truck

Uneven pedestrian platforms covering construction work present a different type of danger that can unexpectedly appear on any City block on a daily basis.  These unfamiliar hazards require the construction works to notify the public of the hazard using signs, flags, or even a temporary safety sidewalk to prevent trip and fall accidents.

Our New York fall lawyers professionally investigate all incidents of this sort.  Contact our NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens fall lawyers today.  Let us review your case free of charge and present your options for pursuing legal action.

New York Fall Lawsuits for Slip / Trip & Fall Injury Claims

Fell and sprained muscle or joint? Call our NYC, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn fall lawyers today. Bronx Fall Lawyers.

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Office buildings have stair wells missing the fall prevention handrails required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This can be especially dangerous for pregnant, elderly or disabled persons.

Many apartment buildings trip & fall accidents result from poorly maintained stairwells with loose hand railings or steps in disrepair.

Where elevator landings open to floors or the building lobby, an uneven entry or exit step can present a recurring trip & fall hazard.

Our NY fall lawyers have the experience to pursue compensation for injuries sustained in these accidents.

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If a slip, trip or fall does occur, the accident victim can end up with a sprained ankle, a broken knee, leg or arm, or even worse.  Speak to NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx fall lawyers today.

Fall victims landing hard on their back or side can suffer a twisted neck or cracked skull causing brain damage.

Serious fall injuries can leave a victim out of commission for months or years.

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If you or a loved one have slipped, tripped and fallen to the ground, call our New York fall lawyers today. We provide free legal consultations to New Yorkers who fell and sprained an ankle, broke a leg, or suffered a variety of other fall injuries.  Let us tell you how we can help with your Manhattan Brooklyn Bronx or Queens legal claim.

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