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NYC Subway Accident Lawyers

NYC Subway Accident Lawyers

New York City Subway Accident Lawyers

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Our NYC Subway Accident Lawyers represent New York commuters hurt in a subway station or on a train car.

Major train accidents can result from a derailment or collision between trains.

More common train related injuries involve a slip or trip & fall on the station stairs or platform.

A serious accident or injury occurring on a train or station platform should be promptly reported to the train crew or station manager.

This allows for the incident to be documented, and for any dangerous condition to be investigated by the MTA.

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Claims for Compensation

Pursuit of a claim for compensation begins with the filing of a Notice of Claim within the first 90 days after the accident.

The New York City Subway is operated by the Metropolitan Transit Authority.  The MTA is a agency of the State of New York.  Therefore, claims for compensation will generally need to be filed against the State, as opposed to the City of New York.

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Hurt in the Subway?

After obtaining emergency medical attention, contact a personal injury lawyer to have your case evaluated.

Our NYC subway accident lawyers investigate negligent activity that causes harm.

We file claims for compensation on behalf of subway riders in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens & Manhattan.  We pursue claims for medical bills and lost wages, as well as compensation for pain & suffering.

If you need legal assistances with a train injury, contact us for a free case review today.