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Broke your Arm or Leg in an Accident?

Our broken bone lawyers represent injury victims suffering a broken bone in an accident.  We handle all broken bone claims, from minor fractures to serious breaks requiring surgery and medical hardware.

If you broke a bone or joint in an accident caused by the possible negligence of a third party, contact our personal injury attorneys for a free legal consultation.

Common Bone Injuries:

Neck Injury

● Arm Injury

● Rib Injury

● Leg Injury

● Ankle Injury

● Foot Injury

Ligament Injury

Broken Leg Lawyers

Common Accidents Causing Broken Bones

Automobile Accidents

● Slip / Trip and Fall

● Workplace Injury

A fractured or broken bone injury usually requires the patient to wear a cast for several months. Many broken bone patients are also required to stay off their feet and elevate the healing body parts.  Use of crutches or a wheel chair can strain the human body in unaccustomed ways.

Recovery from a bone injury can take a long time, and is often costly for the injured party.  Many x-rays, MRI and CT scans may be required.  The patient can also expect having their cast removed during an examination, and re-plastered for continued protective healing.

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If you suffered a broken bone in an accident, let a broken bone lawyer from our firm interview you about your case.  In many instances, an accident is attributable to the negligence of a third party, which can be held responsible for the costs of resetting the fractured bone or limb, sealing of the limb in a plaster cast, and rehabilitation therapy.

Take prompt action because the law restricts the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit.

Broken Bone Lawyers

A patient’s bone structure may never fully recovery from a fracture or break.  Limitations on use may restrict the patient for many years and require continued therapy or other treatment.  Don’t regret a failure to take action.

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