New York Abilify Lawyers – Gambling, Eating, Shopping or Sex Addiction?

New York Abilify Lawyers

New York Abilify Lawyers

Abilify Triggered Addictive Behavior?

If you have taken the prescription drug Abilify and suffered from addictive behavior, you may have a legal claim for monetary damages.

Abilify is intended to treat depression, bi-polar disorder and other psychological conditions. 

However, Abilify has been linked to negative psychological side effects, including:

● Gambling Problems

● Over-Eating

● Compulsive Shopping

Sex Addiction

● Other Dangerous Activity

Our New York personal injury attorneys represent patients who have taken Abilify and experienced these or other negative side effects.

We fight for maximum monetary compensation in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island and across the New York area.

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New York Abilify Lawyers

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