Brooklyn Accidents

Brooklyn Accident Lawyers

Brooklyn Accident Lawyers

Hurt in Brooklyn, New York?

If you are recovering from a Brooklyn accident, your health is your most important concern.  Following your doctor’s medical advice is important to your recovery.  In addition, it supports a possible legal claim for compensation.

Follow this link to view contact information for Brooklyn Hospitals.

After tending to emergency medical needs, have your case reviewed by an experienced personal injury attorney.  But don’t delay.  The Statute of Limitations limits the amount of time you have to sue.

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Plaintiff’s Press is our personal injury blog.  In this segment, we feature a variety of accidents from New York City’s most populous borough.

Our featured content includes certain cases handled by our law firm’s Brooklyn accident lawyers.  In addition, we also feature cases that raise interesting facts or legal issues.

Brooklyn personal injury lawsuits are usually filed in the Kings County Supreme Court at 360 Adams Street.

Most of our lawsuits here are filed on behalf of local residents.  But we also represent people hurt while visiting from out of town.

Brooklyn Accident Lawyers

Borough Park

● Brighton Beach

● Brownsville

● Coney Island

● Cypress Hills

● East New York

● Flatbush

● Gravesend


● Ocean Hill

Prospect Heights

● Prospect Park

For a free evaluation of a bodily injury case, call our Brooklyn accident lawyers today.  Email us your case documents for a detailed examination.

Common Accidents

● Workplace Injury

● Construction Site Injury

Slip / Trip & Fall

Automobile Accidents

All Accident Types

Common Injury Types

● Broken Bones

● Head Injury

● Organ Damage

● Wrongful Death

All Injury Types

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New York Apartment Fire Lawyers.  An apartment fire was reported to authorities in Brooklyn NY on September 12, 2018.  The location of the incident was 3018 West 24th Street in Coney Island, Brooklyn NY. New York Apartment Fire Lawyers Call or Text: (212) 221-9893 The New York City Fire Department […]

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Patient who fell out of hospital bed is found dead

Fell Out of Hospital Bed in New York?  A lung cancer patient was recently admitted to New York Community Hospital in Brooklyn.  She was diagnosed with malnutrition, anemia and dehydration.  What happened next remains a mystery. The woman’s son found her laying on the floor beside the bed.  She was […]

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New York Police Chase Accident Lawyers Hurt by Vehicle Being Chased by Police? In a densely packed city like New York, a high speed police chase can put innocent civilians in harms way. If you have been struck by a vehicle being chased by the police, call our personal injury lawyers […]

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Police Killed Dog in Attack – Shot Pit Bull 5 Times

Police Shot Dog Charging Officer Police Killed Dog during Attack An NYPD officer shot a dog 5 times during an early morning attack.  The policemen were responding to an apartment building on Plaza Street in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, when the pit bull unexpectedly charged the officer. Accidents · Injury Call […]

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New York Rollerblade Accident Lawyers Accidents · Injury Call or Text: (212) 221-9893 Hurt on Roller Skates? Call our New York rollerblade accident lawyers for a free legal consultation today. Man on Rollerblades Hit by Speeding Car A Brooklyn driver is under investigation after striking and killing a man on rollerblades.  The accident […]

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New York Opioid Painkiller Lawyers Accidents · Injury Call or Text: (212) 221-9893 Prescription Painkiller Overdose? A doctor’s negligent prescription of opioid painkillers can have devastating effects on the patient. Side effects can include stomach ache, depression and even death. An April 2017 lawsuit against Dr. Lazar Feygin of Parkville […]

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Man Accidentally Crushed His Own Head

A man’s head was crushed in a freak accident in Gravesend Brooklyn in January 2017.  Crushed brain injuries result in significant internal bleeding, which in this case was fatal. The man was attempting to move his Toyota Minivan across the street, in accordance with New York City’s “alternate side of […]

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$8,350,000 for Ceiling Collapse Injury to Head & Spine

A ceiling collapse injury lawyer needs to establish the precise cause of the collapse by a preponderance of the evidence. Ceiling collapse incidents are frequently caused by water damage, construction defects, and poor maintenance, among other factors. Injuries sustained in a ceiling collapse are often quite severe. Plaster or beams crashing down on a […]

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Street Opens Up & Swallows a Fire Truck

New York Sinkhole Accident Lawyers.  A fire truck dropped into the street while responding to a 911 call on August 1, 2016. The emergency vehicle fell into a sinkhole while crossing the intersection of Etna Street and Chestnut Street in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. The weight of the fire truck caused the […]

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Garbage Truck Accident Blamed on Innocent Passenger

A garbage truck accident just south of Prospect Park in Brooklyn has made legal headlines.  The privately owned sanitation truck slammed into a double parked van on Flatbush Avenue near the intersection of Beverly Road. The van had been shuttling passengers around town, and had stopped to let some people […]

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