New York Aftercare Malpractice Lawyers for Post-Operative Injury

Aftercare Malpractice Lawyers

New York Aftercare Malpractice Lawyers for Post-Operative Surgery Error

Negligent Post-Operative Care?

Our New York aftercare malpractice lawyers represent patients suffering an injury as a result of negligent post-operative care.

When a patient is suffering from a serious injury or medical condition, surgery may be required to treat the ailment.  However, successful completion of an operation is merely the beginning of the medical recovery.

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Most surgical procedures require aftercare to ensure a healthy recovery.  In the unfortunate case that a doctor fails to properly prescribe or administer post-operative, a patient may face life threatening results.

Our New York aftercare malpractice lawyers review patient medical records to identify potential post-op malpractice.

Aftercare Malpractice Can Cause Infection of the Surgical Site

Open surgery generally involves an incision into the skin.  Due to the invasiveness of the incision, critical medical aftercare is required.  Sturchers, stitches and butterfly bandages are often used to seal an incision and surgical site.  When post-op malpractice and failure to treat the surgical incision site occur, a patient is at risk of a serious infection.

A post-operative infection can travel through the blood stream and affect other areas of the body, including the heart, lungs and brain.

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