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IVC Filter Lawsuit Attorneys in New York City.  Our medical device injury lawyers represents patients suffering negative effects of an inferior vena cava (IVC) blood clot filter.  We file claims on behalf of New York residents in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island and beyond.  In addition, we represents IVC filter injury victims across the United States through the same multi-district litigation process established by the courts.

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Migration or Fracture of IVC Filter?

Experts have identified defects in the design and manufacturing of IVC filters by Bard Davol and Cook Medical device manufacturers, among many others.

If you received an IVC filter implant and have experienced medical complications, corrective surgery may be needed to remove the filter and repair injured arteries and organs.

A legal claim for compensation can cover medical bills and lost wages, as well as personal pain and suffering.

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New York IVC Filter Lawsuit Attorneys

Accidents · Injury

IVC Filter lawsuit attorneys file claims for:

● Broken Filter

● Migration of Filter

● Blood Clot

● Embolism

● Infection

● Lung Injury

● Heart Injury

● Organ Laceration

● Punctured Organ

● Corrective Surgery

● Death

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