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If you have been injured in Hillcrest, Queens, promptly obtain any needed emergency medical attention. Next, report your accident to the property owner and their insurance company, or file a report with law enforcement.

If you decide to pursue a claim for money damages, you will want the accident properly documented, and you will need your injuries properly diagnosed.  In addition, claims against the City or State of New York require filing a Notice of Claim within ninety (90) days of the accident.

For more information about pursuing a claim for compensation, click here to view our Queens Lawsuit Blog.

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Accidents · Injury

Common Accidents

● Workplace Injury

● Construction Site Injury

Slip / Trip & Fall

Automobile Accidents

All Accident Types

Common Injury Types

● Broken Bones

● Head Injury

● Organ Damage

● Wrongful Death

All Injury Types

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