New York Airport Escalator Injury Lawyers – Hurt Riding Up or Down?

Our New York airport escalator Injury lawyers represent travelers and aviation employees hurt on airport grounds.  For New Yorkers and visitors alike, the safety of our airport infrastructure is of primary importance to safe airline travel.  When an accident occurs on an airport escalator or moving walkway, any defective condition should be promptly documented with photographs and a report to airport security.

Claims against the airport for financial compensation may be filed with the City or State of New York, as well as with the United States federal government.  A Notice of Claim must be filed with the correct administrative agencies within ninety (90) days of the date of the accident.

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New York Airport Escalator Injury Lawyers

Hurt on an Airport Escalator in New York?

In the Summer of 2017, two travelers were seriously injured in separate escalator accidents at New York’s JFK Airport and La Guardia Airport.

In one case, a portion of the escalator broke off and cut a large swath of skin off the traveler’s leg.  Airport maintenance employees quickly repaired the malfunctioning mechanics.  The cause of the accident remains unknown to the injured victim.

In the second case, a traveler received a long cut down the length of her leg as she came into contact with a sharp edge while riding down the escalator.  Another passenger on the escalator also sustained a similar injury.  The matter was reported to airport management and marked for investigation by New York airport escalator injury lawyers.

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