Most Unlikely Hospital Sued for Failure to Diagnose Cancer

A New Jersey woman has filed a lawsuit against Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for failure to diagnose cancer.  Sloan Kettering is located at 205 East 64th Street in Manhattan.  The cancer misdiagnosis lawyers representing the Plaintiff filed a civil complaint alleging several mistakes by the cancer specialty center and its radiologists.

Even more unlikely, the Plaintiff herself was a volunteer employee of Memorial Sloan Kettering. She had donated much of her own time to support breast cancer patients in New York City and across the United States.

Failure to Diagnose Cancer Lawsuit

Cancer Lawsuit Filed in New York County

The misdiagnosis of cancer lawsuit is titled Helene Saidi v. Andrea Pusic, MD, Memorial Hospital For Cancer and Allied Diseases a/k/a Memorial Sloan Kettering, et al; New York County Supreme Court, Index no. 805608-2015.

The Plaintiff filed her case in Manhattan, as the place where the malpractice occurred. While personal injury lawsuits are typically filed in the county where the Plaintiff resides, the patient brought her case in New York County because she resides outside of New York State.

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Ms. Saidi and her cancer lawyer allege the radiologists failed to properly conduct a lumpectomy and biopsy in response to the patient’s complaint of pain in her breast and sternum.

As a result, the Plaintiff’s breast cancer went undiagnosed and untreated for an extended period. A lump in her breast was ultimately diagnosed as Stage IV terminal cancer.

Ms. Saidi’s cancer misdiagnosis lawyers expedited the discovery and litigation of this case as a result of the Plaintiff’s quickly deteriorating health.

If the failure to diagnose cancer lawsuit establishes negligence by Memorial Sloan Kettering and its doctors, the Plaintiff can recover significant monetary compensation for pain and suffering in addition to loss of life.

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