Invisible Danger Is Leading Cause of Slip & Fall Injuries

If you have slipped on ice and hit your head, you are already aware of the hidden hazard that turns up on the sidewalks of New York City every winter.

Invisible “black ice” often accumulates around dips and curves in a sidewalk where it leads into the crossway. Black ice can also be found in front of office and apartment buildings in any New York neighborhood.

But who is responsible to salt the sidewalks and warn pedestrians of the danger?

Building owners and management companies take on the responsibility to de-ice the sidewalks in front of their buildings.

In many instances, property managers can be responsible to salt the sidewalk in advance of a forecasted storm. More commonly, building staff are required to start salting the sidewalk as soon as a snow or ice storm has trailed off.

When these measures are not adequate to address the risk of a slip and fall, the building owners should also alert pedestrians of the danger with a “Slippery When Wet” floor sign.

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Slipped on Ice and Hit Head

Slipped on Ice and Hit Head?

People who slipped on ice and hit their head may sustain brain trauma that requires extensive rehabilitation therapy. Slip & Fall ice cases also result in thousands of broken arm and broken leg cases every year.

In one recently decided premises liability case, a New York pedestrian won a verdict against presidential candidate Donald Trump’s real estate development company, The Trump Organization. The plaintiff alleged an unsafe ice condition resulted in a slip and fall injury.  At trial, the Plaintiff was awarded a verdict compensating his medical bills, pain and suffering.

Black ice slip and fall cases should be pursued promptly after the accident. When possible, a photograph of the black ice should be taken in order to document the dangerous condition.

Slipped on Ice and Hit Head?

If you slipped on ice and hit your head, get medical treatment right away. Then call our personal injury lawyers for a free injury consultation.  We can help you win a valuable settlement from a negligent building owner or property management company in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island and beyond.

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