New York Opioid Painkiller Lawyers – Prescription Drug Overdose?

New York Opioid Painkiller Lawyers

New York Opioid Painkiller Lawyers

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Prescription Painkiller Overdose?

A doctor’s negligent prescription of opioid painkillers can have devastating effects on the patient.

Side effects can include stomach ache, depression and even death.

An April 2017 lawsuit against Dr. Lazar Feygin of Parkville Medical Health PC alleged exactly that.  The Plaintiff alleged the healthcare provides needlessly prescribed him the pills so they could bill his insurance company.  The lawsuit also alleges negligence by Duane Reade Pharmacy in filling the improper prescriptions.

New York Opioid Painkiller Lawyers

If you or a loved one has suffered from addiction to prescription pain medication, call our personal injury lawyers for a free legal consultation today.

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