Meningitis is Mistaken for Popular Drug Overdose in Deadly Hospital Malpractice

A Brooklyn woman now believed to have been infected with Meningitis was misdiagnosed as suffering from the effects of synthetic marijuana, in the latest high profile case of Coney Island Hospital malpractice.

The hospital is facing increased regulatory scrutiny as it operates with a significant financial deficit.

When the sick woman arrived at the emergency room, she complained of a painful ringing in her ears.

A nurse on duty erroneously identified the patient as having overdosed on synthetic marijuana. The woman was tranqualized and restrained in a bed.  Hours later, the woman suffered multiple heart attacks and was pronounced dead.

Coney Island Hospital Malpractice Lawyers

This horrible incident is one of many Coney Island Hospital malpractice cases in recent years.

Fortunately, push back from consumer advocates has resulted in a total of 7 top executives departing the hospital’s administration this year.

Coney Island Hospital malpractice found itself at the forefront of a City Hall hearing on future budgeting for 11 hospitals that make up New York City’s public hospital network.

Opportunities to reduce hospital malpractice seemed bleak, as NYC’s President of Health & Hospitals acknowledged deficiencies in his agency’s plan to manage an estimated $1.8 Billion shortfall by year 2020.

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Coney Island Hospital Malpractice Lawyers

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