New York Misdiagnosed Pneumonia Lawyers- Chest CT Scan Error?

New York Misdiagnosed Pneumonia Lawyers.  A misdiagnosis of pneumonia is a serious health risk that can result in the build up of fluid in the lungs, development of asthma, and other bodily injury.  Our misdiagnosed pneumonia lawyers represent medical malpractice victims in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and across the NYC region.

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When an infection or illness afflicts the respiratory system, the lungs produce sounds similar to sounds emitted during pneumonia.

New York Misdiagnosed Pneumonia Lawyers

Serious medical conditions commonly mistaken for pneumonia include:

● Congestive Heart Failure

● Lung Cancer

● Scaring of Lungs

● Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

● Gastritis

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Misdiagnosed Symptoms of Pneumonia:

A variety of physical symptoms often accompany a case of pneumonia.

Commonly misdiagnosed pneumonia symptoms include:

● Fever

● Increased Heart Rate

● Low breathing

● Gargling sound in the lungs

If you have suffered from misdiagnosed pneumonia, a claim for compensation can be filed against the doctor or hospital responsible.  Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers review medical records to determine all parties that may be held legally accountable.

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