Subway Door Drags Passenger Across Station Platform

A New York City Subway rider was fatally injured in a bizarre accident involving a train door.

The passenger had been riding on the F Train in Queens.  When the Subway pulled into the Kew Gardens station, the man exited normally thru the Subway door and stepped onto the train platform.

Somehow, the man’s clothes became caught in the train door.

Upon closing the doors, the train conductor did not realize the man’s clothing was stuck.

NYC Subway Door Dragging Injury

As the train pulled away from the platform, the man was dragged by the Subway door all along the Kew Gardens station landing.

By the time to train driver noticed what was happening, it was already too late. The accident victim was pronounced dead.

Reports indicate the man may have been intoxicated at the time of the incident.  The accident occurred late at night when there were very few other people around.

But regulations maintained by the Metropolitan Transit Authority should prevent the Subway from pulling out of the station when a passenger’s personal item is snagged in a train car’s door.

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