Train Accidents

New York Train Accident Lawsuits

Train Accident Lawsuits

Hurt in a Train Accident?

Hundreds of New Yorkers are injured in train accidents every year.  An NYC subway train speeding by a station platform can cause death or permanent injuries to anybody who gets too close.

Train crossing signal malfunctions along the tracks of Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), Metro-North train and NY-NJ PATH trains jeopardize the public at large.

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New York Train Accident Lawsuits

Getting your foot caught on a train door or platform can break or sprain an arm, leg or ankle, requiring surgery to re-set the bone.  Similar accidents are regularly reported out of transit hubs at Grand Central Station and Penn Station in Manhattan and beyond.

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A recent Amtrak train derailment between New York and Philadelphia reminded travelers along the East Cost of the dangers encountered along the rails.

These train accidents and hazards are covered in our personal injury lawsuit blog.

If you have been hurt on a train, call our train accidents law firm for a free case review today.  We will review investigative reports by the National Transportation Safety Board / NTSB to establish the cause of the accident and injuries.  We rely on case law precedent to establish the standards by which the transit authorities must abide.

Our train accidents legal team fights for injured New Yorkers throughout the 5 boroughs and neighboring counties.

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