New York Physical Therapy Lawyers – Orthopedic Treatment?

New York Physical Therapy Lawyers. If you require physical therapy following an accident or serious bodily injury, a claim for financial compensation may be filed in court.

Accident victims often need physical therapy for pulled muscles, torn tendons and bone fracture injuries.  The restorative medical attention can help reduce limitations on bodily functions, range of motion and muscle spasms.

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New York physical therapy lawyers for neck & back injury

New York Physical Therapy Lawyers

When an injury is caused by the negligence of a third party, our New York physical therapy lawyers file claims with insurance carriers to cover the costs of surgery, physical therapy and medical care.

The filings also include claims to compensate pain & suffering, lost wages and more.

Common accidents requiring physical therapy treatment include:

● Automobile Accidents

● Slip / Trip & Fall

● Workplace Injury

● All Accident Types

Physical therapy is often needed following surgery or other medical procedures.  In addition, physical therapy may be prescribed by a doctor even unaccompanied by more substantial medical care.

New York Physical Therapy Lawyers for Orthopedic Care

Physical therapy is often recommended by doctors following an injury diagnosed by an MRI.

Regardless of the associated medical care or duration of medical treatment, a claim for financial compensation can be filed if made within the Statute of Limitations period.

Our NYC physical therapy attorneys review our clients’ medical diagnosis and PT treatment records to evaluate the potential for a personal injury claim.  As appropriate, we offer our legal services on a contingency fee basis with no out of pocket charge to the client.

We vigorously represent injury victims in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and across the NY area.

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