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New York Physical Therapy Lawyers – Orthopedic Treatment?

New York Physical Therapy Lawyers. If you require physical therapy following an accident or serious bodily injury, a claim for financial compensation may be filed in court. Accident victims often need physical therapy for pulled muscles, torn tendons and bone fracture injuries.  The restorative medical attention can help reduce limitations on […]

NYC Lawsuit Settlements Top $1 Billion in 2016

NYC lawsuit settlements exceeded 1 Billion in fiscal year 2016.  The staggering $1,000,000,000 was reported by New York City Comptroller in an accounting released in February 2018. NYC Lawsuit Settlements Attorney in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens The massive NYC lawsuit settlement funds payout covered claims for personal injury, property damage […]

New York Microvascular Surgery Lawyers – Skin, Bone, Muscle Transplant?

Severed Finger, Hand or Arm? New York Microvascular Surgery Lawyers Our New York microvascular surgery lawyers represent injury victims requiring a skin, muscle or bone transplant.  Our expert attorneys understand the physical limitations and long term economic consequences of a microvascular injury.  We review patient medical records and injury details […]

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New York Lisfranc Fracture Lawyers – Broken Foot in Accident?

New York Lisfranc Fracture Lawyers.  A lisfranc fracture occurs when the certain bones in the foot break away from their central fixture point.  The foot contains five metatarsal foot bones attached to the central tarsus.  When a metatarsal breaks away from the tarsus, an lisfranc fracture is said to have occurred. […]

Broken Foot Lawyer

New York Personal Trainer Injury Lawyers

New York Personal Trainer Injury Lawyers.  Many people like to work out with a personal trainer.  The presence of a personal trainer provides assurance the exercise routines are performed safely.  However, when a personal trainer makes a mistake, a serious bodily injury can occur.  If you have been hurt while […]

Muscle & Joint Injury Lawyers