Surprise Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea at MTA

Our sleep apnea accident lawyer investigates this leading cause of recent train crashes in the New York City area.

Recent train conductor sleep apnea accidents include:

  • 2013 Metro-North speeding train derailment in the Bronx (4 dead, 61 injured)
  • 2016 NJ PATH speeding train crash at Hoboken Terminal (1 dead, 114 injured)
  • 2017 LIRR crash at Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn (100 injured)

In response to this worrisome trend, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced in January 2017 that it will require all of its train operators and conductors to undergo medical testing for sleep apnea.

However, the MTA’s decision to implement the testing requirement appears partially based upon a surprise diagnosis of the Chairman of the MTA’s Board of Directors, Tom Prendergast.

After repeatedly falling asleep while driving his car, Mr. Prendergast was examined by a physician and diagnosed with sleep apnea.

This experience appears to have impressed Mr. Prendergast with the manner in which this medical condition can go undetected until tragedy strikes.

Sleep apnea accident lawyers praise the measure without reservation.

Regardless of his own personal diagnosis, the MTA Chairman acknowledged the mandatory testing should have been implemented previously, and is overdue.

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Sleep Apnea Accident Lawyer Investigates Train Crash

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This sleep apnea accident prevention measure will cost the MTA $7.5 million dollars to test approximately 20,000 train conductors and motormen.

The tests will be performed on train operators of the New York City Subway, Metro-North, and the Long Island Rail Road.

It is unclear what will happen if a motorman is diagnosed with the conditional, which can cause a person to fall asleep without warning. The Americans With Disabilities Act requires employers to accommodate afflicted employees.  Accordingly, train operators diagnoses with the condition would likely be reassigned to other positions within the MTA.

Sleep Apnea Accident Lawyer

When a sleep apnea accident does occur, legal claims for compensation should be filed against the State of New York, which controls the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

If you have been hurt in a train accident or automobile crash resulting from a driver falling asleep behind the wheel, contact our sleep apnea accident lawyers today.

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