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Prior Accident or Injury?

Is a pre-existing medical condition preventing you from obtaining the personal injury settlement you deserve?

Insurance companies love to site prior injuries or health conditions as a reason for denying a claim for compensation.

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However, an  expert analysis of medical records can distinguish prior degeneration from injuries sustained in a more recent accident.

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Further, even where a personal injury victim acknowledges prior degeneration, experts can highlight an increased rate of degeneration resulting from the later accident.

Regular medical examinations will document the extent to which pre-existing medical conditions may be responsible for an accident victims ailments.

An jury victim’s monetary recovery is generally limited to the injuries sustained in that particular accident. Nevertheless, New York’s Egg Shell Plaintiff Rule holds negligent parties liable for injuries sustained by even the most fragile of individuals.

For example, a person taking certain prescription medications may experience weaker bone structure.  If that person were to slip on a wet floor and break their leg, the property owner can be held liable despite the victim being prone to broken bone injuries.

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