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Driving in Reverse Accident Lawyers in New York

Driving in Reverse Accident Lawyers in New York Hit by Vehicle Backing Up? Tragedy struck when a Long Island driver did not realize her car gear was shifted into the Reverse position.  As she pressed the gas, the vehicle accelerated in reverse, barreling down on a local 16 year old girl. The child’s heroic mother dove […]

New York Car Accident Lawyers

Extreme Sidewalk Hazard “Takes Out” Food Vendor Cart

A distracted driver set off a chain reaction street vendor accident involving four vehicles, and injuring four people.  The driver rear-ended a yellow taxi, which then jumped the curb and crash into a Halal food cart.  The street vendor’s cart was flipped over onto a Con Edison utility truck parked nearby. The […]

Taxi Jumped Curb in Street Vendor Accident

Is there a Defense to Drunk Driving?

When a drunk driving accident occurs, the intoxicated driver can face several serious legal issues. A drunk driver can be criminally prosecuted for violation of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles traffic laws. Further, if the drunk driver caused an accident or bodily injury, he can be sued in civil […]

Drunk Driver Accident & Injury Lawyers in New York