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New York Intersection Accident Lawyers

Hurt in an Intersection Accident?

Block after block, New York’s crossroads present hazards to pedestrians and motor vehicles alike. 

If you have been hurt in an intersection accident, promptly seek any emergency medical attention necessary.

In addition, be sure to report your accident to law enforcement or the property owner.

Employment accidents must be reported to the employer without delay.

To save your rights to file a case for monetary compensation, make sure to have your accident thoroughly documented.

Further, any injuries should be promptly diagnosed by a medical doctor.

If your accident may involve a claim against the State or City of New York, a Notice of Claim must be filed within ninety (90) days of the accident.

For further information about filing a claim for injuries sustained in a street corner accident, click here to view our Automobile Accidents Blog.

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Intersection Accident Lawyers in New York

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Let us review your case and medical records. We will present your options for pursuing a legal claim.

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