Child Accidents at School & at Play

Our New York child accident lawyers investigate negligence resulting in harm to babies, kids and teenagers.

When a child is hurt in an accident, the parent or legal guardian can hire an attorney to represent the child’s interests.

This legal representation includes investigate of the cause of the accident. In addition, a child injury lawyer can file a lawsuit for monetary compensation against any individual or company believed to be at fault.

Children tend to get hurt in the most common places, as well as the most unusual.

Hurt at School?

Schools are intended as a safe place for children. However, dangerous conditions can often be found in classrooms, hallways, playgrounds and parks.

When a child is serious injury is sustained on school grounds, the faculty should promptly alert the parents or guardian, and arrange emergency medical care.

Parents and guardians can document the injury with the school principal’s office by filing a report containing the circumstances of accident and the names of students and teachers present. Witness confirmation is an important way to bolster the credibility of a child’s memory.

For New York City Public Schools cases, a Notice of Claim must be filed with the NYC Department of Education within 90 days of the incident.

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New York Child Accident Lawyers

Children’s Product Injury

Manufacturers of children’s products must take reasonable precaution to prevent the product from causing injury to a child. This holds true whether the product is a large amusement park ride, a bicycle, or a small hand held toy.

Children’s bodies and brains are not yet fully developed. Therefore, designers of products for kids must anticipate the goods may be used by young people unable to fully recognize danger or to adjust their conduct accordingly.

New York Child Accident Lawyers Review Monitoring & Supervision of Youth

Parents and guardians can be held civilly liable for damages and injuries caused by children under their supervision. These guardians include a school, sports coach, summer camp counselors, non-profit organization, and babysitters.

For a free legal review of an accident, call our New York child accident lawyers today. We fight for seriously injured kids in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and throughout the New York City area.

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