Child Injury

Child Injury Lawyers in New York City. When a child is hurt in an accident, it can often be difficult to determine exactly how the injury occurred.  A child’s memory of events is fragile and subject to influence from others.

Child Injury Lawyers

Child Injury Lawyers in New York City

Parents and guardians should carefully question their children about the facts resulting in a serious bodily injury.  However, caution must be taken to avoid upsetting the child or deepening any psychological injury resulting from a traumatic experience.

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Our experienced child injury lawyers represent some of New York City’s youngest residents. 

We represent children hurt at school, at play, in automobile accidents, and in all serious injury resulting from negligence of another.

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In addition, we represent mothers and infant babies suffering child birth injuries in medical malpractice and related claims.

For a free legal consultation, call our child injury attorneys in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, NYC, NY.

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