New York Tunnel Fire Lawyers – Trapped in Smoke Filled Tunnel?

New York Tunnel Fire Lawyers.  New York City’s street grid includes a number of tunnels and underpasses. These covered passageways include:

  • River Tunnels
  • Roadway Underpasses
  • NYC Subway Tunnels
  • Commuter Train Tunnels
  • Pedestrian Underground Tunnels

Tunnels are serviced by a variety of electrical, drainage and other infrastructure.  When an accident occurs in a tunnel, the risk of a fire can threaten dozens of other people.

Parts of a tunnel can fill up with smoke fast, and evacuation in either direction may be a long way.  In addition, carbon monoxide poisoning can be life threatening.  A raging fire can also cause a collapse of the tunnel walls and ceiling.

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New York Tunnel Fire Lawyers

New York Tunnel Fire Lawyers

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Our New York tunnel fire lawyers represent injury victims hurt in an accident.  We represent maintenance and construction workers, commuter train passengers, motorists and pedestrians.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a tunnel accident, contact our personal injury attorneys for a free legal consultation.

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