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New York Tunnel Fire Lawyers – Trapped in Smoke Filled Tunnel?

New York Tunnel Fire Lawyers.  New York City’s street grid includes a number of tunnels and underpasses. These covered passageways include: River Tunnels Roadway Underpasses NYC Subway Tunnels Commuter Train Tunnels Pedestrian Underground Tunnels Tunnels are serviced by a variety of electrical, drainage and other infrastructure.  When an accident occurs in a […]

Fire Lawyer

Incinerator Accidents

New York Incinerator Injury Lawyers Accidents · Injury Call or Text: (212) 221-9893 Hurt in an Incinerator Accident? Our personal injury and workers compensation attorneys represent New York building and maintenance accident victims in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and throughout the New York area. Common Victims of Incinerator Accidents: ● Maintenance Workers […]

New York Incinerator Injury Lawyers

Scalding Hot Water Burns Restaurant & Hotel Guests

New York Scalding Water Burn Lawyers. Burned by hot water?  People love hot water in the shower and for coffee or tea.  However, when the water is too hot it can cause serious injury. Scalding water burns are very painful, and can require the burn victim to apply cooling and […]

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Cell Phone Explodes in Man’s Pocket

A cell phone injury can result from a variety of improper uses.  However, when you are not even using it and the phone explodes in your pocket, the design and manufacturing of the device is called into question. The cell phone injury sustained by the owner of an exploding LG […]

Defective Consumer Product Attorney