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You may have a case for compensation under the legal principle of Premises Liability. 

This area of the law requires the owners of property to provide certain minimum levels of protection for visitors to the premises.

In many instances, the property owner is required to warn visitors of concealed hazards.

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The law also requires building and home owners to correct any defects after a reasonable amount of time for the landlord to learn of the dangerous condition. 

This includes wet floors and broken staircase handrails.

For example, the owner of a New York office building may be provided a timeframe of approximately 20 minutes to discover and safeguard a wet floor hazard in the building lobby caused by dripping umbrellas on a rainy day.

In addition, accidents occurring outside – or in front of – a property may still be attributable to the negligence of the property owner.

This includes a frozen block of snow falling off the roof of a building, as well as icy sidewalks causing a slip & fall injury.

Cracks in the sidewalk causing a trip and fall can also subject the property owner to liability.

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