New York Hammock Accident Lawyers – Hurt on a swing?

New York Hammock Accident Lawyers

New York Hammock Accident Lawyers

Hurt on a Hammock or Swinging Chair?

Swinging furniture is designed for comfort and relaxation.  However, hammocks and swinging benches also pose safety risks to the user.

If the swing is not properly fastened to its base, it can collapse or fall over under the pressure of body weight.  In addition, when a hammock is tied between two trees, the strength of the tree trucks or branches can become a factual issue considered in any legal claim.

New York Hammock Accident Lawyers

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In a freak accident in April 2017, a hammock was blown over by high winds and flew off the terrace on which it sat.  The hammock struck a nearby individual, causing back and head injuries.

Hammock owners and property managers are required to insure these luxury furniture items are maintained in a safe manner.  In addition, hammock manufacturers are responsible for the safety of the hammock design and operation.

Common Hammock Accidents:


Tourist Accidents

Product Defect

All Accident Types

Common Hammock Injuries:

Broken Bones

Head Injury

All Injury Types

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