Wind Accidents

Wind Accident Lawyers in New York City

Wind Accident Lawyers in New York City

Wind Accident Lawyers

Storm damage at public places and construction sites expose New Yorkers to a heightened risk of injury.

Bad weather in New York City can include winds of 50 – 60 mph and more. 

At these speeds, tree branches in public parks are weakened.  Though these branches should be inspected by NYC Parks Department officials, there has been a history of falling branches striking pedestrians.

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Construction crane booms are often rigged to blow in the turbulence, which should prevent the crane from bending or toppling over in a powerful wind gust.

Drivers of automobiles can feel their vehicles pushed and pulled toward oncoming traffic.

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● Construction Site Injury

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● Broken Bones

● Head Injury

Hurt in an accident caused by high winds?

Our wind accident lawyers investigate hurricane preparation, disaster preparedness and structural design. 

We fight for accident victims in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NYC.

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