This Ailment Makes a Pin Drop Sound Like an Explosion

New York Hyperacusis Lawyers. Hyperacusis is a condition that causes the ear to greatly amplifies sound.  For people suffering from this condition, the sound of a door closing softly can sound like a large explosion.

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Common Causes of Hyperacusis

● Jaw Trauma – When a person hit’s their jaw in an accident, the ear can sustain serious and permanent injury.

● Loud Noise – Sustained exposure to loud noise such as emergency fire alarms or passing locomotive trains can cause damage to the sensitive ear cells. In addition, a single exposure to an exceptionally loud noise, such as a gunshot near the ear, can cause the same injury.

Additional Information:

Head Injury

● Workplace Injury

● Construction Site Injury


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New York Hyperacusis Lawyers

Hyperacusis Caused by Head Trauma

KC worked as a waitress at a nightclub on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. When a fight broke out at the club, KC was accidentally struck in the jaw.

The blow cracked KC’s tooth and sent her to the emergency room. KC was prescribed a mandibular splint to realign her jaw.

However, the pain travelled to her neck and shoulders. In addition, KC began to experience a ringing in her ears.

Because this accident was a workplace injury, a claim for legal compensation can be filed under the NY Workers Compensation Law.

New York Hyperacusis Lawyers

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