Surprise Plunge Into An Ice Cold Danger

Frozen Lake Accident Lawyers.  When a lake ices over, the magical scene can look like a winter wonderland.  However, walking on a frozen lake or pond is extremely dangerous.  Those who do so risk a possible fall through the ice and potential drowning.

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Teens Fall Through Ice Covered Pond in Central Park

A group of teens suffered a near drowning after their fall through the ice covering a pond in Central Park.

The teens were enjoying a rare and risky photo opportunity on a frigid February evening. They stood grouped together on the center of the ice covered pond, located just off the corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park South.

Tragically, the ice was thin and cracked under the teenagers’ collective body weight.

The ice cold water caused the victims’ body temperatures to drop rapidly. The shock of such an event is also disorienting, causing a loss of sense of direction.

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As the teens struggled with each other to keep their heads above water and stay afloat, they were at risk of getting pushed and caught underneath the ice.

Heroically, witnesses used a bright orange emergency rescue ladder and pulled the teens to safety. The ladder, stashed alongside the pond by the NYC Parks Department, likely saved the children from drowning as hypothermia set in.

Common Causes of Falls Through Ice:

Slip / Trip & Fall

● Workplace Injury

● Construction Site Injury

Tourist Accidents

Common Fall Injuries:

Broken Bones

Brain Injury

Organ Damage


Frozen Lake Accident Lawyers

Have you been hurt in fall through ice on a lake, pond or other water body?

Property owners are required to safeguard their property to prevent potential accidents like a fall through a frozen water body.  These laws exist because of the serious injury that can be sustained in an accident, including hypothermia, broken bones, brain damage and drowning.

Required safeguards may include a fence, a sign reading “Stay Off the Ice”, as well as a rescue ladder as deployed in the Central Park case.

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