Can an NYC Employee Sue the City for a Work Injury?

Under certain circumstances, an NYC Employee Can Sue the City of New York for a work injury.

Ordinarily, when an employee is hurt at work, they cannot sue their employer. Instead, the injured employee will need to file a Workers Compensation claim to cover lost wages, medical bills and other expenses.  (Click here for more information on Workplace Injury.)

However, when the injured party is an employee of the City of New York, a careful review of the accident should be made by an experienced personal injury attorney.

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If the accident was caused by the negligence of a New York City department or administrative agency other than the department or agency where the injured party is employed, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed in court.

This important distinction can result in a substantially larger financial recovery for the workplace injury victim.

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Can NYC employee sue City for work injury?

NYC Employee Sues the City of New York for Work Injury

A New York City Police Department officer was patrolling Central Park late at night, after the park had closed. The officer was riding an NYPD issued Motor-Scooter along the grassy fields as part of his patrols.

When the officer spotted a group of people running through the park, he accelerated his motor-bike and began chasing the culprits.

Unfortunately, the officer and his motor-scooter struck a ditch and skid in the wet grass, causing the officer to lose control of his vehicle and crash. The accident caused a debilitating fracture to the officer’s left knee.

Of course, the officer was able to file for Workers Compensation through the Police Department.

However, because the park grounds are maintained by a separate City department, the officer was able to file a lawsuit against the NYC Parks Department for negligent maintenance of the park grounds.  Specifically, the officer alleged the Parks Department failed to prevent or correct the “depressed and uneven” field, and is therefore responsible for injuries caused by the dangerous condition.

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