2nd Avenue Subway’s Rush to Open May Compromise Safety

2nd Avenue Subway Injury Lawyer.  New York City’s Second Avenue Subway is celebrating its January 1, 2017 launch date.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has publicly promoted the new train line opening on time, on New Year’s Day. Officials from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and New York construction contractors are working overtime to meet the high profile deadline.

However, the rush to complete the giant public works project does not excuse violation of any safety regulations.

Subway maintenance workers must take due care to ensure the tracks, pedestrian platforms and stairwells are all in compliance with the New York building and construction codes.

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2nd Avenue Subway Injury Lawyer

2nd Avenue Subway Injury Lawyer

The 2nd Ave. Subway is the first new line to join New York City’s Subway in almost 100 years. The underground commuter train line was first approved by the transit Board in 1929 to ease congestion on the Lexington Avenue lines.  88 years later, the line is launched to accommodate the large number of New Yorkers commuting between the Upper East Side, Midtown and Lower Manhattan / Wall St.

Nevertheless, the Second Avenue subway is already expecting much crowding during morning and evening rush hours this year, and in years to come.

As the new stations, trains and tracks are stressed by high volume ridership, the equipment manufacturer and construction worker’s skills will be put to the test.

If you have been hurt on the 2nd Avenue Subway, take a picture of whatever it is that caused your injury.  Whether your are a passenger or an MTA employee, your accident should be properly documented.

A Notice of Claim must be filed with the MTA & State of New York within ninety (90) days of the accident, in order to purse money damages from them.

Our 2nd Ave Subway injury lawyers represent New York residents and visitors hurt on the tracks of New York’s transit system.

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